Top New and Upcoming WhatsApp features need to check

upcoming whatsapp features

WhatsApp, It is one of the fastest growing social networks and world’s most popular instant messaging app. To keep up with the growing demands of its millions of users, the app frequently receives updates to add new features. In the last update, WhatsApp launches the end-to-end encryption feature to secure communications. Now WhatsApp is ready to provide a new update with some awesome features. Let’s take a view on that new WhatsApp features:-

1] Mentions in the group:-

whatsapp new features

This is the most useful feature that WhatsApp introduced in its new update. It will come in handy during group conversations, and this feature works in a similar way as on Facebook i.e using “@” symbol. While using this feature, User has to type a name of that person( whom he want to mention or Tag ) after “@” symbol same as shown in the above image. When somebody mentions you in the chat, you get the notification. The mentioned name is shown  in the different colored text. This feature is very useful while communicating in the groups

2] Group Invites:-

new whatsapp features

This is the another new WhatsApp feature in the latest update. Till Now, if any member wants to add somebody into a group, the member has to contact with admin. Then Admin will add that member. But now onwards, with this new feature members can send an INVITE link to that member who want to join the group. The user has to just click on that link and press “JOIN GROUP” button to join the group.

3] GIF support:-

whatsapp new feature gif support

Yes, WhatsApp is supporting GIF images shortly. This feature is spotted in iOS beta version . Sometimes GIF images are used to express our filling through moving pictures.

4] Video Calling:-

whatsapp video call

Currently, the user can make FREE Audio calls from WhatsApp But Shortly users can able to make VIDEO calls too. Yes, it’s true. This feature spotted in WhatsApp beta for Android update (v2.16.80) via the Google Play beta testing program. The END-TO-END encryption feature of Whatsapp is applicable to video calling too.

5] Call Back Feature:-

whatsapp new callback feature

Sometimes user unable to answer some WhatsApp calls. For that purpose, voicemail and call back are two new features that have given in the new WhatsApp beta version 2.16.189.The feature appears on the app screen after a call is declined. When you place a call that goes unanswered, you’ll be given options to either call back (radial), or you can press and hold the microphone symbol shown in above image to send a voice message instantly to that person without leaving the screen you’re on.

6] Two-Factor Authentication:-

WhatsApp also working on two-factor authentication. From the screenshots that were posted on the official Twitter account, you can see that a six-digit code can be entered, as well as a recovery email. But  How this new WhatsApp authentication feature will work is still unknown.

whatsapp two factor authentication

7] Use Google Now to send a WhatsApp message:-

You can now use a Google Now voice command to send a WhatsApp message to one of your contacts, just say the following command:-

“Ok Google, send a WhatsApp message to [contact name].”

After that, you will be prompted to dictate the message you want to send.

Else you can use this command also:-

“Ok, Google, send WhatsApp message to [contact name], [dictate message to be sent],”

Example:- “Ok, Google, send WhatsApp message to Rahul, I’m still your best friend”


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