How to Remove Prisma watermark from Photos

remove prisma watermark

Prisma, which is a Photo editor available on Android and iOS which transform your photos into artworks. The app uses a combination of artificial intelligence and neural networks  to create an artwork on your photos.This is one of the great App to give a natural look to your Photos but it adds the big Prisma word in each and-and every photo you edit via Prisma app. Here are the steps to remove Prisma watermark from pictures:-

This Steps for remove Prisma watermark will work for both Android and iOS Users. So let’s start…

Step 1 :-

Open the Prisma App and Click on Setting icon. In Android, users have the Settings option on the middle right corner. In iOS, users have it on the top right corner.

remove prisma watermark

Step 2:-

Just slide the Add Watermark button to stop Prisma from adding watermark to your Photos. If you want then you can enable it again from here…

remove prisma watermark

After you disable this feature, Prisma unable to add it’s watermark in your pictures As shown in image below:-

remove prisma watermark

In the Above image, we can see that Prisma does not add it’s watermark because we disable it… That’s it!!!

Download Prisma Apk from Here

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