How to find Covid-19 authorized testing centers Using Google Maps

COVID 19 center list in India

As we all know This year is not going well because of the novel COVID-19 virus which is declared as a pandemic by WHO in March 2020. The multiple Doctors and Specialist is in the process to create the vaccine to end this Lockdown and we can step out of the home safely to enjoy the fresh air.

Also as currently there is no vaccine for this virus the government has been set up the and also published the list of authorized center or hospitals where the people can be treated for this virus with the recommended vaccine which helps to increase the immunity power of human body so that the body can fight with this virus.

So to help people find this Authorized enter if needed, Google has rolled out a feature in Google Maps which can help to locate COVID-19 centers and provide test information. In the tweet posted by Google said, we are working closely with the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) and @MyGovIndia to provide information related to coronavirus testing centers across the country.

This feature is available in English, Hindi and 7 other regional languages. So let’s take a look on steps:-

1] Open Google Maps:-

Authorized Covid centers mumbai

2] Enter “coronavirus testing” or “COVID-19 testing” in the search bar and click on the same result:-

covid 19 authorized center list India

3] Once you click, Google map will show you the list of authorized COVID-19 centers near you. Also If you want to take a look at the detailed information about the center, just click on “see testing Info” and it will show you the same.

Covid 19 authorized centers India
List Of Authorized COVID-19 centers has been listed out
get covid center info India
If you click on “See testing Info”, you will get the extra details listed out to check.

4] In the faster way, you can also search “coronavirus testing” or “COVID-19 testing” on Google Chrome browser or in Google Search and there also you will get the list of same authorized centers.

find covid center mumbai
Search Result in Google Chrome

We always hope nobody will get situation to visit this centers and everybody is safe and healthy. Be Safe and Be Healthy.

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