Android Nougat: Some new features to know

features of android nougat

The next version of the android operating system i.e. Android N, Finally gotten the name called as Android Nougat. Google announced the number of new features that is included in the new android version at it’s I/O developer Conference. So let’s take a view on that features:-

1] Multitasking OR Multi-window support:-


android nougat features

Till now, only selected models from companies like LG, Samsung etc. supported this multi-window feature but with Nought OS Google added this feature directly into the operating system. So, that User can open two or more apps in the single window using this feature. Not only Nexus customers but also users of other devices able to use this.This feature allows the user to perform two or more task at the same time and in the single window.

Example:- As shown in above Image, one side user is searching for the place and just beside that he is also searching place on the google map on the single window.

2] Enhanced Quick setting menu and added more option in it:-

Android nougat featuresIn the new android version, Google redesigns the quick setting menu and make some minor changes. In this changes some more option added to the quick setting menu as shown in the image. even more, options are there just require a swipe to the right.

Google also added Data saver mode in the settings. By using this you are being to control which App can have unrestricted Data usage and to which App does not provide the data access. This feature is also present on some android devices, but now onward every android device have this feature which controls the data access.

3] Improved Notification area:-

new features of google nougat

In the new WhatsApp update, a user can reply to chat message right there from the notification panel. So, no need to open WhasApp and then go to the chat session and then reply to that message.

Now this feature is added to the new Android Nougat, So the user can give directly reply to any message eg. text, chat directly from the notification panel. Another feature is if you long-press on any notification, user able to control how he’ll receive alerts from the app in future. Long-press the notification and you can choose whether to display them silently in the future or block them all together so that they do not disturb you while playing games or doing work.

In new Nougat, quick toggled feature is also redesigned. In marshmallow, User needs to swipe two times to able to access Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other options. In Android Nougat, the developer adds a row of five icons like Wi-Fi, torch,network,battery etc. which is visible along with notifications when you swipe down once. The user still needs to swipe again to see the rest, but the icons are customizable so you can put your choice of an icon in that row.

4] Google keyboard with customizable themes:-

In new Android Nougat, google offers a fully customizable keyboard to all users. the user can set a background image, the user can change the color of the keyboard, a user can customize by adding or removing borders between keys.

Android Nougat keyboard updates
changing the color of the keyboard and selecting an image as a background for keyboard

 Android Nougat features

In this new keyboard, user is able to put his favorite picture as a background view. Android N also includes Unicode 9 certified emoji characters.

5] Android Nougat comes with Improved Battery life:-

As Battery is an important part of every smartphone so to improve its standby time is necessary too. For that google introduced Doze feature in its Marshmallow update. In Marshmellow Doze would only activate its battery-saving features when the phone was not in use. In Android Nougat, Doze also works when the screen is turned off. This is expected to improve the battery life by this feature.

6] Phone Number blocking:-

In Android Nought, the user can create a blacklist of phone numbers at the system level. System level means If a number is added to blacklist from the phone directory of the smartphone that that number get blocked from every third-party application like WhatsApp, Hike, messenger etc. Automatically. If a number has been blocked at system-level, other apps on the device will also block it without any action required from the user’s side.

7] Redesigned Recent app functionality:-

Android Nougat latest features

The design of the recent app button remained same in new android version also but the functionality is changed a bit. In new android Nougat, a user can able to access his last-used App by just double-tapping the recent app button. when a user double tap the button, the current app gets minimized and the app he/she had opened just before it get opened. You can sift through the apps by hitting the recent apps key continuously. When you stop tapping the key, the selected app will open in full-screen.

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