Microsoft launches selfie app for iPhone users

Microdoft selfie

Now in days selfie becomes a trend and some people are very addicted to take selfies, for those people Microsoft unveiled a free app that uses his technique to improve your selfie by taking your age, gender, lightning and skin tone into account and enhanced your selfie into a batter way. Later on you can manually edit your selfie, too.The name of this app is “Microsoft Selfie“.

Microsoft wrote on App description:-

Microsoft Selfie is a selfie and portrait enhancement application. The app takes age, gender, skin tone, lighting, and many other variables into account, applies different models automatically and finishes enhancement with just a single click. Users can transform average photos into more presentable portraits in seconds. Key features of this application are noise reduction, intelligent enhancement, automatic exposure and color theme.

Key features of this application are intelligent enhancement, noise reduction, automatic exposure and colour theme.This app enhances colour balance, skin tone, and lighting by using 13 filter options that clean up noise and add different themes to an image.

The app has a feature that can detect subject’s age from a photo.Users also have the option to press and hold on the ‘compare’ button to see how they would look without any enhancements.

This app is available for Windows OS and ios smartphones only. Size of app is around 56 MB.

Link for ios users :- For ios users


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