Solar Road is installed in Netherland to generate electricity

solar road

Have you ever imagine that the roads on which we travel every day in life they can used to generated electric power??

At first I’m also get shocked but afterwords I’ll get to know that Yes, it is possible and first demo project is successfully tested in Netherland, and it working even better then expected. In last year Netherland built the world’s first solar road – an energy-harvesting bike path paved with glass-coated solar panels.

After Six-to-Seven months, when engineers compute the total result report he says, the system is working even better than expected, with the 70-metre test bike path generating 3,000 kWh, or enough electricity to power a small household for a year.This is really amazing.

On this, sten de Wit, spokesman for SolaRoad, the group behind the project said :-

If we translate this to an annual yield, we expect more than the 70kwh per square metre per year.

This is an crowd-funded project that aimed to power the entire US with solar-covered roads. However, the Netherlands became the first country to put the idea into practice with their installation in Krommenie, a town north of Amsterdam.

Different layers in Solar road :-

Solar roadwaysThe solar panels used on the Dutch bike path are sandwiched between glass, silicon rubber and concrete, and are strong enough to support 12-tonne fire trucks without any damage. Each individual panel connects to smart metres, which optimise their output and feed their electricity straight into street lighting, or the grid.

Since the path opened, it’s been used by more than 150,000 cyclists. Severe weather and temperature fluctuations have caused peeling of the coating on the solar panels’ protective glass, but repairs have been made and an improved top layer is in the works.

Now, you ask where does these energy go?                                                                                  ”The solar electricity generated from the road is fed into the electricity grid and can be used, for example, for street lighting, traffic systems, electric cars that drive over it,” the project developers said.

Engineers spent his five years to develop this project so durable.He design the panels to not only let in as much light as possible, but also to last at least 20 years – a similar lifespan to rooftop solar panels.

One more thing that I loved most about this SolaRoad:-

Netherland_Road [ image credit:- ]

This roads Not only generate enough electricity to power local households, but they can also provide some amazing lighting opportunities. Last year a solar road was installed in the Netherlands, which sucked up the Sun’s energy during the day and then guided cyclists at night using beautiful Vincent Van Gogh ‘Starry Starry Night- inspired LED lights.see the road in above image.

This environment-friendly solar road is paving a sustainable future to the Netherlands.Moreover, this sustainable project is a good step towards Environment friendly Energy resources in future.

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