Apple Watch is four-times more accurate than the iPhone


Apple’s Vice President of Technology Kevin Lynch, who is widely regarded as one of the main architects behind the Watch, explained how the wearable device has been designed to maintain extremely accurate time synchronization.He claims that “The Apple Watch is four-times more accurate than the iPhone,” even though it is synced with one iPhone or the other.

According to him,not only is the Apple Watch extraordinarily accurate, but take any two Apple Watches and hold them side-by-side and you will see the second hands moving in perfect unison.

The VP explained various feature in watch that helps make it so accurate :-

He said,” we’ve created our own network time servers around the his count, 15 such Stratum One-level Network Time Servers(one level down from an atomic clock) placed around the world. This server communicates to iPhone vie internet and then iPhone communicate to watch over Bluetooth.Additionally apple watch has a feature called as Crystal temperature controlled oscillator whose job is to manage fluctuation that comes from extreme temperature.To make sure the second hand moves at exactly one shift per second, Apple uses high-speed cameras to test the Watch’s accuracy frame-by-frame that there is absolutely zero latency and that’s why Apple watch is more accurate then iPhone.

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