Skype Translator from Microsoft rolls out to all Windows users

skype translator

Microsoft has finished rolling out Skype’s much-anticipated real time voice translation service to all of its Windows users, according to a post on the Skype blog.

Skype now supports these languages: Mandarin, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, and translate one to another as you video call your Skype contacts.Through voice-to-voice translation, all Skype Windows customers can now speak in seven languages.

Skype also offers a text-to-text translation service that works in over 50 instant message languages.

Let’s see how to use these great feature:-

First update your Skype application from Here.

Then to setup skype translator:-

skype translator

  1. select your contact to whom you have to call.
  2. click on the globe in the upper right hand corner of the app.
  3. Select your contact’s current language under their name, and from the drop down, choose the language for translation while instant messaging or to hear the translations while in a call.
  4. Headphone is suggested to understand translation in better way.
  5. On a call, as you or your contact speaks, it will be translated in your headphones and the translations will also appear on your screen.
  6. Remember to speak clearly !!

Earlier this week Microsoft introduced group video calling for iOS, Android, and Windows phones in a bid to help it compete with Google Hangouts. Skype’s voice translator, which was previously available as a standalone app, was only able to translate two languages in real-time at that point.

So now with you can make friends,do meeting, interact peoples from different countries, no more language problems when their is skype translator with you.The translation service has so far only been rolled out to Windows users but Microsoft is planning to roll it out to other platforms in the future. Additional languages are also expected to be integrated soon.

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