Skype group video calling feature starts rolling out for Android and iOS apps

Skype new feature

On last month, Skype introduced it’s new group video calling feature for Android, iOS and Windows user. Now, Skype officially rolling out this feature with new Skype update in which Group calling feature is included. Microsoft has also partnered with Intel to optimize SILK Audio so that it can offer a clear audio experience even with increased number of participants.

skype’s new Group calling feature support to full HD broadcast. It’s true that Skype is Already supported for Group calling feature but in earlier version only 5 recipients in group talk and moreover this feature is available only to those who optioned for Skype for Business. But now onwards this feature is available to non subscribers also And now upto 25 recipient allowed to talk over Skype in Group talk feature in full HD quality.

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The video call takes a grid view to see all the callers and also focus on the active speaker where Skype automatically focuses on the active speaker, or lets callers choose which participant to ‘Pin’ to the stage.Along with this, Skype also allows the users to flip between the rear and front camera without any problem.

One more best feature is added on Skype video calling is, If anyone doesn’t have Skype account still they are able to join group talk on Skype…! It’s awesome… let’s see how…

Skype account holders using the Mac, PC or Web application will be able to create the Unique link to invite anyone to join group and the links can be shared however you choose – in email, via apps like Facebook, Messenger, Twitter or WhatsApp.

After receiving link, Invitees won’t have to create an account on Skype or download an app, but can instead join a chat as a guest simply by clicking a link. In the case of those without Skype accounts, they’ll be able to sign in to a chat as a guest by typing in their name then clicking “Join.”


This All new Skype free video calling feature will be rolled out for iPhone, iPad and Android devices in Western Europe and North America. The company also said that in coming months it will roll out the feature globally.


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