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In today’s world everybody is using Wi-fi okyee and it provides a great speed to our data transfer on an average around 150 Mbps Maximum. you think now in the day there is no other technology that can transfer data at the speed greater than Wi-Fi doesBut NO there is a NEW technology arrives which can transmit your data at the speed that you never imagine ever before And the name of that technology is LI-FI i.e. LIGHT FIDELITY.

So in this article, i’m going to tell you more about LI-FI

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What is Li-Fi and who invented this?

The genius in above picture is HARALD HAAS,a professor at the university at Edinburgh who began his research in the field in 2004, gave a debut demonstration of what he called a Li-Fi prototype at the Ted Global conference in Edinburgh on 12th July 2011. He used a table lamp with a LED bulb to transmit a video of blooming flowers that were then projected onto a screen behind him.

Now what is Li-Fi actually,

We can say that Li-Fi can be thought of light based Wi-Fi. That is it make use of Light to transmit data or an information. Li-Fi makes use of transceiver fitted LED lamps that can light your room as well as transmit and receive the information.Using this Li-Fi technology we can achieve 100 times the faster speed for information sharing i.e. MORE THAN 1 Gbps. yes, I said more than 1 Gbps…

here they used LED light to transmit information but how this LED able to transmit our information?

your answer is here, These LED light’s switched On and Off faster because their operating speed is less than 1μs, then the human eye detects, causing the light source to appear continuously And this invisibility ON-OFF activity of LED enables a kind of transmission using Binary codes. Switching ON LED light is a binary ‘1‘ & Switching OFF LED light is binary ‘0‘ . so using this notation it is possible to encode data in light by varying rate at which LED flicker ON & OFF to give the different string of 1’s & 0’s.

How Li-Fi works?

Working procedure of Li-Fi is simple If LED is ON you are transmitting 1’s and if LED is OFF then you are transmitting 0’s. Hence in Circuit we need LED and controller which Code our data into binary to transmit it using LED.

In short, we 1st convert our information into binary and then transmit through LED by varying flicker rate of another side a photodetector or a light detector detect and record blinking LED in the same manner as if LED is ON then save 1 & 0 for OFF. then we convert that recorded binary in original form and we gave back our information. observe the diagram below:-

lifi working [ image credit:-]

Comparison between WiFi & LiFi:-


As everything has two side’s likewise LiFi has some disadvantage also with it and that are listed below:-

  • Light can’t pass through object’s hence we have to make sure that no any object between transmitter and receiver.
  • Interference from the external light source like sunlight, normal bulb lights in the path of transmission will cause an interruption in communication.
  • High installation cost of VLC systems


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