Apple to drop headphone jack from iPhone 7 and support waterproof body

iPhone 7 without headphone jack

Apple, a leading smartphone company confirmed that he will definitely be removing the headphone port in its next major iPhone release, according to a report. That means Apple’s iPhone 7 may feature wireless charging and a thinner waterproof body with no headphone jack…

iPhone 7 earphones
Future Apples Earphone may look like this…

The company is set to change its traditional headphone jack and instead send music or sound through the lightning port that is mostly used for charging, according to a report. This step of Apple for iPhone, allow it to be even thinner than normal, alongside a range of other design changes.

As well as the changes to the headphone setup the phone will also be waterproof and able to charge wirelessly.

Now, in future Apple users have 3 ways to listen Music or to use headphones are

  • They can use Bluetooth Headsets to connect with iPhone, which doesn’t need any type of port.
  • They can buy headphones that plug straight into the lightning port, some models of which already exist.
  • Third is, Apple may introduce an adapter that will allow people to plug their traditional headphones into the phone’s lightning port.

Apple is also working with a company which has helped to create its audio chips to make an iPhone that will be able to play music out of the port. For next iPhone Apple is also using a new noise-cancelling technology made by a UK company called Wolfson Microelectronics, which will allow the phone and headphones to work together to remove background noise while listening to music and making phone calls.Iphone 7 without headphone

Other headphone makers Or smartphone makers will able to use this technology but they have to pay Apple a fee to do so, as per report said.

This iPhone 7 may launch in September or October but Apple’s next phone may be iPhone 6c, which has been rumoured to be launch in May 2016.

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