Skin4gadgets Case Review: The case designed by you

Nowadays, Everybody has a smartphone and for that smartphone, everybody needs a proper Case that will protect those smartphone from dents or scratch on body. Then you start searching shops to shops or may search online for cases. Many of times you didn’t get the proper case with the design you want. For this problem, came up with a solution.

 Skin4gadgets is an e-commerce website which is popular for the stunning mobile covers, phone skins, laptop skins, power bank and much more. The best part about this website is, it provides customization regarding designs on smartphone Cases,Skins etc.

That means you can able to design your Case or you may provide your image (which you want to be printed on the Case) and they will provide you the product/case with the exact design which you are provided to them at the time of placing the order. That’s great Nooo!!!

They provide a smartphone case for my device i.e Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. let’s take a detailed review on it :-

skin4gadget cae review

About :- is a Mumbai based startup which sells mobile, laptop and tablet cases and skins. This website is different than other websites because it also let customers select and customize the design of case of skin. Skin4Gadgets offers thousands of pre-selected designs to buy directly from their website. If you’re a designer or you know photoshop, well… you can create something phenomenal designs for your Cases. Skin4Gadgets offers customized skin decals for the most popular cell phones, including the Apple iPhone skins, Blackberry skins, and Android skins, Along with the hottest MP3 Players & Laptops, including covers for the following Apple Mac book Decals, Apple Mac book Pro Decals, Dell Decals, HP Decals. So, It’s the right price to get your smartphone case with the design that you want.

Case Quality:-


The quality of the Mobile case is very good actually and it has good hardness too. The material’s quality also looks good. The material is also not slippery too.  The Case fits perfectly on my device i.e. on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 without adding too much thickness to the smartphone. The Case also does not catch fingerprints on it…and it is Thick and Hard enough to prevent your smartphone.  About quality, It’s Awsome!!!

Print Quality On Case:-

skin4gadget redmi 3

The printing Quality on the Case is also good. The design or Image is printed awesomely and without any gaps or any distortion in Image. The colors are also clear and bright. 


skin4gadget case review redmi note 3

Now Let’s came to pricing... sometimes we leave the product because of the High price. But Skin4Gadgets offers the best Quality product with customization in reasonable and affordable price. sometimes with your order, you may get surprise gifts or price vouchers. you may get the Cases with less price on other E-commerce websites, but they won’t provide cases with your design…. 


I personally feel that the Case Quality which I received for Review is Very good as well as Tough too and It also has the capability to protect the smartphone if anytime it falls down by mistake. The Case provide the proper grip in the hand to hold the smartphone properly and also there is no slipperiness observed on the back side… we can say that the customized cases are the good quality product from 

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