On several times, you log in on your social account or on your Gmail account from any outside Computers to check updates. This may happens when you are outside or in cyber cafes and forgetting to  logout your account making them vulnerable to exploits and attacks. But now you came home and realized your account is still logged in on that system.  So, here are the ways to logout from Google, Facebook remotely if you have forgotten to log them out on another PC.

Let’s see How…!!!

1] Facebook:-

remote logout

  • Log in to your Facebook account and click the Down arrow at the top right corner of the menu bar. Go to Settings:- remote logout facebook
  • Go to the “Security” settings and click the section “Where you’re logged in.”devices with facebook log in
  • From here, you can view which PC, at which location and at which time you account is logged in.Here you get every device on which your account is logged in at least once.remote logout facebook
  • If you see any unknowns location and unknown device Click the “End Activity” that will link to logout of that session. That’s it. This is an Remote logout method for Facebook accounts and by using this you can perform Logout action on your account all unauthorised devices remotely from anywhere in world.

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2] Gmail:-

remote logout gmail

Follow the steps:- 

  • First, log in to Gmail (on the desktop) and scroll down to the bottom of the page. look at the right hand side corner and Click the “details” link below the “Last account activity.”remote logout from gmail
  • just after click on “Details”, a window pops up which contain information about your logged in sessions, their locations, System’s IP and Data /time also.
  • sign out gmail account from other computerIf you see any unknowns location and unknown device with your account logged in on that device just click on “Sign out all other sessions” button and it’s done…!!!

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Featured image source:- stugon.com